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The heart is the symbol of love, and so the color is red.

Hey!! Viewers, are you bored with the regular ways of expressing your love in front of your beloved one?? We give you an idea that making you and your loved one so much happy. Try this unique and appealing combination of cocoa with red-colored chill layering in a heart shape that is the ideal surprise for your love.

The blended flavor and the foggy texture will surely make your love to fall for you. This delectable treat to your lover is a display for the unsaid word. This warm presentation will really fill the heart of your love. The red velvet heart shaped cake will say from its taste and will express all your love to the one person. Your beloved will remember this sweet delicacy surprise till the whole life.

So what you think?? See the details and know more about it.


Red velvet cake is the queen of all layer cakes. This recipe produces the best red velvet cake with auspicious buttery, vanilla, cocoa flavors as well as a mouth-watering sum of buttermilk. My ruse is to whip the egg whites, which turns a smooth velvet crumb.


I used to be unsure about the bite of the cake. So here is a quarry, what is red velvet?? Is it chocolate, vanilla or a butter cake turned red? it’s a lot of fun knowing red velvet. Generally, Red velvet is :

  1.  Very buttery
  2. Sweet of vanilla
  3. Having a strong smell of buttermilk
  4. Mild cocoa flavor

These four flavors are very important to make a perfect layer red velvet cake. Not only is the flavor is exceptionally good.  It is very dense and very soft with a moist and velvet layer. Sometimes, the best part of red velvet cake is the cheesy cream frosting. This creamy cheesy frosting recipe is gone to be sweet and outstanding creamy.


We use very special and hygiene ingredients, a certain amount, and unique mixture techniques to develop the taste of our best red velvet cake recipe. Start with collecting the dry ingredients together, then beat them wetly. Then add buttermilk and tint the batter red. More details are the following:

Cake flour:     At first take some cake flour, cake flour is much lighter than all-purpose and make a perfect base for a light, soft crumbed cake texture. The red velvet texture is so much important for the best flavor. It’s the texture you find at professional bakeries.

Cocoa powder:   tack a little tablespoon of cocoa powder without overpowering the flavors of butter and vanilla.

Butter Milk:   Buttermilk is tangy, tasty, creamy, and makes baked goods very moist. You can’t make delicious red velvet cake without adding it!! And an extra factor is buttermilk helps to active the baking soda to yeast the cake. h. Because if you add only oil, we lose the flavor of butter and softness that comes from creaming butter and sugar together. And with only butter, we risk a dry cake. So use both 2 ingredients perfectly.

Butter and oil: To making buttery flavor add oil and butter both. With only oil, we lose the flavor of butter and softness that comes with the creaming process of butter and sugar together. If you add only butter, there is a risk of a dry cake. So use both oil and butter for the softness and moisture of the texture with extra butter flavor.

Mix all the ingredients well. 


The Red velvet cake would not be read without the food coloring process. For natural and hygiene coloring, use beet powder. If you don’t want the food color process, just leave it!! The cake appears with the same flavor and the shade of cocoa. 


The cream cheese frosting recipe is very easy. For make sure that you are using full-fat brick cream cheese. At 1st add unsalted butter and then add some salt to control over the flavor of frosting. Combine butter and sugar in the bowl of a mixture and beat until creamy, well combined.

 Add vanilla extract and salt and combine well. Gradually add powder sugar and mix them until completely combine. Use to frost completely cooled cake.